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We are passionate about finding solutions that add value for our clients and partners. Our team is skillful at listening to the voice of our clients and implementing it into the products we create.

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Who we serve

At Represent, we have two main areas of clients that we are most interested in working with.

First, we look for mission-aligned organizations and companies. People that are working at the forefront of social change. We're passionate about work around mass incarceration, education, healthcare, public policy, civil and equal rights and diversity in tech.

We also really enjoy working with small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs. The passion that we hear during the first meeting with the person or team that is investing their energy into making a business work fuels the long hours our team puts in creating the technical backbone of the idea. Female founders & founders of color are especially ideal for our team!

Our Team

Diversity & Inclusion

Much of our work away from the terminal is around advocacy for social causes. Primary to this is in helping to foster more diversity in tech.

Our mission is to attract and maintain a higher than industry average diverse team. As of January 2019, our current team is comprised of approximately 44% female of 55% persons of color. 100% of our team identifies as an ally to margnizalized communities. Our CEO & Founder identifies as a person of color and mentors weekly with up and coming developers from underrepresented groups. As Represent grows, we are committed to leading the cause of equality in our team dynamics.

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To fully service our clients, our team is all based in America. Our headquarters office is located in Berkeley California. This location puts us close to the expertise of the greater Silicon Valley while enjoying the energy, passion and diversity of Oakland and the East Bay area.

Our second office is nestled in the beauty of Colorado's Front Range. Boulder (and the Denver metro area) has been called the "insert quote here about CO tech scene". Colorodans are on the cutting edge of many technological advances while enjoying some of the best nature our country has to offer.

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We'd love for you to join our team! And check back often as we'll post more positions soon.